Welcome to Guinea, one of the less-known and less-travelled countries in West Africa.

This 8-day trips introduces you to the coastal area and the Fouta Djallon highlands. Meet the people

and get an impression of their everyday life and culture. 

8 day SAFARI

Saturday arrival in Conakry

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  • Day 1 (Conakry, Guinea)

You will be met on arrival in Conakry international airport and transferred to your hotel for overnight. The rest of the day is at leisure.

  • DAY 2 (Kindia)

The drive to Kindia is your introduction to life on the Guinean roads. Depending on how fast road construction goes, you may encounter potholed roads, delays due to construction works or neat windy roads taking you comfortably to your destination. Along the way enjoy the scenery and the sights of the fully loaded bush taxis, the most common type of public transport in the country. In the afternoon visit Kindia’s interesting market, then the wood carvers and the  women who dye fabrics.

  • DAY 3 (Dalaba)

Today is a long journey to Dalaba in the Fouta Djallon.  Stop along the way to visit to the Veil of the Bride, a waterfall set in a bamboo forest, and for a lunch break. The journey of about 265km can take from 8 – 9 hours travelling through the beautiful Fouta Djallon highlands. Arrive in Balba in the late afternoon.

  • DAY 4 (dalaba)

The day is dedicated to the highlands, starting with a visit to the Governor’ s house and the Case à Palabre.  Both buildings have their own characteristic architecture – while the house of the Governor has a colonial architecture, the Case à Palabre has a traditional Fulani architecture. While not particularly stunning on the outside, the latter is beautifully decorated on the inside and is still in use for important meetings.
More typical colonial architecture –  the charger’s houses –  can be seen in the neighborhood. In the afternoon set out on a short walk to God’s bridge, a natural stone bridge. Visit a nearby Fulani village, where the women are specialized in the craft of basket weaving. They introduce us to their work, which is typical for this area. Products can be bought directly from the women. 

  • DAY 5 (kindia)

Return by road to Kindia. In the afternoon visit the weavers in Kindia, During the dry season, you find the weavers working in the open air in the shade of the trees.

  • DAY 6 (Los Islands)

An early morning departure for a 5 hour drive to Conakry, arriving at the harbour around noon in time to board the boat to the Isles of Los. The harbor is filled with colorful boats. Boats for transport of people and goods on one side and traditional fishing boats on the other side. The boat trip passes the remains of sunken ships.  Once on the Island the afternoon is free to relax or explore the island.

  • DAY 7 (Los Islands)

Enjoy a boat tour among the islands, passing by fishing villages that are inhabited by fishermen stemming from different backgrounds and countries in the subregion. A chance to stretch your leg when you go ashore on Fotoba Isle to visit the lighthouse and the church. 

  • DAY 8 (COnakry - depart)

Some free time for independent activities until you return by boat to Conakry. At a suitable time transfer to the airport.

welcome to Guinea

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