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The much-loved Classic Explorer Safari takes you to the renowned regions of the Chobe National Park, Savute and the Okavango Delta on a spectacular eight night mobile camping adventure.
Gabon is a natural paradise little known by the Western traveller. The ‘jewel in the crown’ of Gabon is Loango National Park, where there’s almost no humans living around the park and wild animals live protected by the rivers surrounding this natural part of Central Africa.
Welcome to Guinea, one of the less-known and less-travelled countries in West Africa.This trip introduces you to the coastal area and the Fouta Djallon highlands. Meet the people and get an impression of their everyday life and culture.
Kenya is a land of great diversity from stunning landscape in the wild semi-arid desert regions of Samburu, through the amazing vistas in Laikipia and Mt Kenya, to the Great Rift Valley lakes and the vast expanse of rich grazing in the beautiful Masai Mara, the Tsavo with its vast elephant herds, and ending at the sandy beaches and marine parks of the Indian Ocean.
Malawi is a landlocked country, running down the end of the Great Rift Valley. Dominated by Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa, the surrounding country is exceptionally beautiful with dramatic scenery that includes rocky outcrops, high mountains, plateaus and views across what is considered to be Africa’s most beautiful lake.
This round-trip through Mali takes you along the highlights in the southern regions of the country, while connecting with the local people, their daily lives and their culture. You visit the ancient town of Djenné, known for its mud-culture, hike through mysterious Dogon Country and make a day trip on the River Niger.
Discover one of Africa’s hidden secrets, the Island of Sao Tomé. It was once a slave trading hub and cocoa plantation haven until 1975 when the Portuguese left the island. Today this small Atlantic archipelago is abandoning its historical isolation by allowing small numbers of visitors to discover the its different ecosystems and the people that live there.
Sitting at the continent’s western-most tip, Senegal also marks the fusion point of Africa’s Arabic north, with the diverse and rich, colourful cultures of the region’s southern gulf. From diverse wildlife parks, beautiful sandy beaches, savory food, and warm, friendly people, Senegal is a tempting destination you will remember for a lifetime.
Enjoy the scenic splendour of South Africa’s Cape Winelands,  Klein Karoo and southern coastline on this circular route. Travel via the coastal roadway taking in all the fantastic highlights of this beautiful region. Expect breathtaking landscapes, warm hospitality, whale watching (in season) and the chance to taste fine wines.
Tanzania offers some of the most diverse and spectacular game viewing in the world with over 16 National Parks including the world famous Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater in the north and many Game Reserves in such as the Selous and Ruaha in the south.
The Luangwa Valley, which marks the end of the Great Rift Valley, is one of the last unspoilt wilderness areas and possibly the finest wildlife sanctuary in Africa. It covers an area of over 9000 sq. km. through which the meandering Luangwa River runs.
Experience the dramatic beauty of two of Southern Africa’s most awe-inspiring countries and discover beautiful landscapes, abundant game viewing and welcoming people.

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