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Tailor-Made Itineraries: Zambia

The South Luangwa National Park is a perfect introduction to Zambian safaris. Guests may continue their journey to The Lower Zambezi and then the Victoria Falls to experience perhaps the most natural safari experience in Africa.

It is here that the Bushcamp Company has, in addition to Mfuwe Lodge, six intimate camps, each varying in their surroundings and design offering a diverse safari experience both whilst on safari and when in the camps. It is possible to walk between most of the camps for those wishing to experience the thrill and enjoyment of a walking safari.


  • A fantastic start or end to the safari with The Bushcamp Company
  • No two outings are the same when guided by Phil Berry, one of Zambia’s most prominent naturalists and guides,
  • Only accessible by 4×4. Not in walking distance from the other camps.


  • Set on the edge of the Luangwa River, Chamilandu is undeniably majestic.
  • Walking distance from Chindeni only, this is one of the longest direct walks.


  • Located on the banks of an oxbow lagoon
  • Walking distance from Chamilandu (long walk) and Bilimungwe.


  • Overlooking 3 waterholes with many herds of resident elephant
  •  Walking distance from Chindeni, Kapamba and Zungulila.


  • Walking distance from Bilimungwe and Zungulila


  • Walking distance from Bilimungwe and Kapamba

N.B. January to March is rainy season and all the camps are closed.

Mfuwe Lodge, an award winning safari lodge set in the most prolific game area of the South Luangwa, is the perfect place to enjoy excellent game viewing, recharge your batteries, or to start and finish your journey to the bush camps. Set inside the park, just five minutes’ drive from the main gate beneath a canopy of ebony and mahogany, the thatched buildings of Mfuwe Lodge are arranged around the banks of two lagoons where animals such as giraffe, buffalo, antelope, and crocodile are constant visitors. In November the local elephant population regularly wander right through the lobby, lured by a nearby wild mango tree. Whether you stay overnight, or just have lunch en route to a bushcamp, Mfuwe Lodge’s relaxed charm and enviable surroundings make it the perfect stopover.

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