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The Comoro Islands form an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the Mozambique Channel to the north-west of Madagascar and facing Mozambique. The Union of the Comoros  is recognized as including the three northernmost islands: Grand Comoros, Anjouan and or Mohéli. Grand Comoros is the largest island and home to Moroni, the capital city it is also the youngest island and has a massive active volcano, which scientists predict is likely to erupt in the near future.

Other islands include Mayotte, Petite Terre -Mayotte’s second-largest island. With its only airport and Raya, only 7m above water at low tide.

Several mammals are endemic to the islands, including the Maki, a small lemur found only on Mayotte and a species of large fruit bat; twenty-two species of birds and large numbers of tropical plants are endemic to the archipelago.


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